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Three of Cups 

Lá Three of Cups trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Mercury in Cancer


Enjoyment, happiness, a sense of being in the lap of luxury, comfort, the fruits of love


As the four elements move into the 3s, we see the results of the 2s meeting and interacting. There is a sense of consolidation of opposites and a sense of now being able to “get on with it”. The 3s also are aligned with the planet Saturn, the planet the ancients associated with time, with limitations, endings and the boundaries of the solar system. If you connect three points for the first time you have a figure where a boundary encloses a finite space. So the association is very appropriate.

For the Cups this means the two previous elements have joined in love and created something more than the sum of two. This may mean a literal translation of the creation of new life, but also inner growth and fulfillment, happiness, opening up to the fullness of life that surrounds us at all times and meeting with generosity and success all around.

Exploring the Card              

A good expression to capture the spirit of the 3 of Cups is the figure of speech: “the cup overfloweth”. So this card shows a three-tiered flowing fountain to capture the principle of abundance. Add three white peacocks and you get a glimpse into Malfoy Park. For these folks abundance was pretty much a given for most of the time – until Lucius got busted, and then of course Voldemort moved in and made everyone miserable…

Bộ bài Harry Potter Tarot – Eleonore Pieper


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