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Princess of Disks

Lá bài Princess of Disks trong bộ Harry Potter Tarot


Water of Earth


Love, warmth, protection, being in tune with nature, being at rest within oneself, caring, growth


The Princess of Earth is a somewhat shy but very creative and warm-hearted young woman. She is trusting and open to new ideas and willing to follow- through on her plans, no matter what. She is reliable, kind and in tune with the cycles of nature within herself and within the world around her. Her insights are powerful, not necessarily at a superficial intellectual level, but because they express a deeper sense of truth.


Luna Lovegood is a wonderful embodiment of this archetype. Even though she is in Ravenclaw she has a great ability to “ground” her friends. She is highly creative, from her personal adornments to the beautiful embellishments of her bedroom depicting her friends. And while her unshakable belief in nargles and blibbering humdingers exposes her to the ridicule of her fellow students, it expresses a deeper truth: that this world is full of magic and surprises, if we only open our eyes and believe. She also acknowledges and accepts that sometimes knowledge is only achieved through pain. She can see and befriended thestrals because of the death of her mother. This gives her the kind of old soul that characterizes a true Princess of Disks.

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