Bộ bài Power of the Runes Deck chính hãng

Power of the Runes Deck

Power of the Runes Deck – Thông tin bộ bài Power of the Runes Deck

Nhà sản xuất: U.S. Games Systems – _x000D_ Tác giả: Voenix – _x000D_ Bao gồm: 25 Lá bài + Sách hướng dẫn –

The runes are a powerful divinatory tool, believed to have been created by the Norse god Odin. These ancient magical symbols offer deep insight into the hidden structure of the cosmos and the secrets of the human psyche. Thomas Vomel (Voenix) created this deck to communicate the character of the runes in vivid pictorial form on cards. The Power of the Runes deck consists of 25 cards, one for each of the runes. The images are based on Teutonic gods and myths shown in archetypal settings. Each pictorial scene captures the essence of the rune it represents. The cards also display the rune number and corresponding phonetic letter. At the bottom and top of each card is the rune letter and name in the runic alphabet. In the instruction booklet Vomel gives a brief history of the runes, describes the meaning and symbolism of each card, and explains several casting systems for reading with the cards to find answers and insights.

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