Hey lovely Virgo people. I hope you enjoy this reading. Let me know if it speaks to you 🙂


  1. Yes, my estimation is I'll be maintaining two housholds and maybe two simultaneously jobs, etheir one of which travels and pays the lodging. My Gemini friend and my ex both would want me to get pulled in and do the daily grind. Not who I am. Funny you mentioned flying, one of my jobs that's kind of what they do. Manifesting is kinda what I do. Not sure why all the Gemini energy. Thank you!!

  2. I am/have been waiting for somebody ..got tired of doing for others, (and being a doormat) and now very very solo. (Hermit)…feeling my inner strenght coming back ,after putting myself first..which is confuseing some…I believe its OUR new journey…everything else is weather………..being humble yet truthful in this weather will be the test!

  3. I'm single with no one i could think about as patner and what so ever..it's been months ago… I don't know what I should wait at this point.

  4. The person rehashing the hurtful Memories from past events would probably just like the other person to give them some clarity on what really happened, that could be possibly what's going on with the other person. I say that because people like to just move on from a situation without saying anything to the other person And expect the other person to just do the same we don't all work the same way. Some people need resolution they need some kind of conversation to be had to move on properly and when the other person won't give that to them it just puts a lot of negative energy out into the universe.

  5. This sounds like an old family friend..brings up a lot if issues from the past that i left behind..I like her in many ways but she's very judgemental and stuck in her ways.

  6. Thanks for the beautiful Virgo reading. I looked forward to your reading because it always resonate with me, I love your energy, and you are one of the best on YouTube. You are telling My story in this reading.

  7. Love all of your readings thank you so much for all your help really do appreciate it 😁 your readings are absolutely wonderful and I take in everything you speak on as I prepare myself for my daily work routine dealing with people and places I now know what to look out for. Thank u