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  1. If I remember correctly, one of the chinese generals is brilliant strategist, So it would be worth to promote him to Marshall for one of the perks you can choose.

  2. High quality challenge: Your are only allowed to build The highest quality of the equipment that you can research ( weapon 3 , fighter 3 , ships lvl 4 etc …)
    Exeption : weapon 2 , motorist, fighter 2 but these maximal with 5(or 10) factorys
    Win conditions win WW 2 with germany

  3. You educate me, so let me return the favor 🙂

    14:53 You get the amount of warscore necessary to puppet the states since that it your original wargoal. If you get an "annex wargoal" you get the exact amount of warscore to annex a country (assuming you are the only one contributing)
    15:10 It is pronounced "Lee-ay-son" (li-ai-son OR ēˈā-,ˈlēəˌzän) and means something like cooperation with multiple parties.