Let’s play Swords and Sandals 5 gameplay w/ Falcon! The 5th installment of the awesome gladiator sim series – the grail of antares. ○ Swords and Sandals 5 Game Download on Steam –


  1. Falcon its a good idea to get skills on agilty you will move faster you will do more cricital hits and do more range damage.
    And also roge skills help you surviving .And also the last sentinal boss is solom zerad .And the last boss of the game is
    Emparor antares .And also dig more often.And also by potions for arena bosses .And also do a home in swords and sandals
    5 redux . And also I love your videos on swords and sandals 5 redux . And also I hope you find this helpful this is a lot
    of information it took me minuts to write this comment. thx for your aseome videos your great att swords and sandals 5 redux.

  2. falcon, please for the love of god play swords and sandals crusader. i grew up with that game and have always wanted to see a good lets play on it. but there are no really good english lets plays of it. dont need to make many episodes but please make at least one and tell me what you think about it 😀

  3. When the enemy is resting you have a 99% to hit all your attacks. You shouldn't waste the opportunity with a quick attack… I love these video though, but 5 day wait feels like an eternity haha! Keep up the good work 😊

  4. the artefact pars are for an extra powerful equip ,in the first dungeon y got a ring of insomnia , pretty good for expolore dungeons also +2 armor.

    each floor hides an artifact , so dig alot!