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  1. Remember kids: play the first Nier before you play the second. The first game is mind-blowingly good and the second game will spoil it for you. The only reason not to is the combat is a little clunky. Other than that it blows Automata out of the water.

  2. This week on the Court of Swords Pre-show, our magical cast discusses how Max streamed under a sink in NYC, how JP doesn't know how to rotate, how Zeke likes wet beef, how Dan thinks Gothic is better than Elder Scrolls, how they are still not Getting Over It, and how they might incorporate Xanathar's Guide to Everything in CoS (specifically the Dragonborn Clan names).

    A wonderful time indeed, you definitely don't want to miss JP trying to pronounce Zzzxaaxthroth. If you are too busy or otherwise unwilling to engage, I implore you to start at 24:40 for a little Harry Potter reference before diving into the story. However, you can't even spare 20 seconds and are here solely to see Berg continue his life of pain and suffering, 25:00 will welcome your soulless husks.

    (Am I getting a little too passive aggressive with these? I can't tell)


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