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    one thing i am noticing as a theme is that people (tarot readers and the people asking for readings) are coming into the reading with a dis-empowered energy. NOT in a traditional sense but more in the sense that, there is this underlying belief that the cards or the reader is supposed to tell them what to do, or give them "answers"

    i have never felt comfortable telling someone what actions to take, or what direction to go in. Which to me is just indicative of them feeling dis-empowered. through looking for the answers outside of them self, whether from cards or from the person reading the cards.

    just like you were saying, ultimately the person who has the power to create a scenario, end a scenario, or change a scenario is the person who is inquiring what to do.

    And the minute the reading is over, the potential realities change, simply due to the person being aware of things that can affect their decision making that they were not aware of before the reading.

    One thing i wish would be addressed more within in the tarot community, is the concept of consent and how far is too far when it comes to intruding upon someone else's energetic energy field through readings.

    i have no big issues with pulling cards for someone who is inquiring about love, and seeking insight on an blockages that has come up within their existing relationship.

    but for someone wanting to know what "the soulmate is up to", or looking for readings that are focused on the other individual, especially when that individual is not physically apart of their life by choice….at what point does that become an infringement upon the other individual's autonomy and consent.

    this is something i find myself toying with. i'm not sure i will offer readings that are "peaking" into what is going on in another person's reality. i'd rather focus on the person i am reading for. But at the same time, i don't judge people who seem to specialize in those kinds of readings…. it's just something my soul feels uneasy about personally.

    I'm curious as to your thoughts on this aspect of tarot/intuitive work.

  2. My two favorite phrase to use is "nothing is ever set in stone" and "you are the writer of your story"
    In the end it is ultimately up to the person because it is there life. Thank you for this video