Hey lovely Aries people. I hope you enjoy this reading. Let me know if it speaks to you 🙂


  1. You have such a beautiful, gentle voice. Very soothing. 🙂 I think this relates a lot to my ex friend on their part. We had a nasty friend break up and I miss them.

  2. Thank you for doing these!! I think it's a very courageous thing, these videos. I realized how I usually listen to these with a very contented smile and a lot of Gratitude. Its like I already know these things but your voice just wraps it up in a hug.

    It resonates 💯. No idea how to make things work or even why I want to, in a practical sense… but on a soul sense, I feel the call that this person is an equal and perhaps in the same place, so just just as part of me being me I have to move fwd from my core. I have stopped counting the number of times the improbable gives my life a little grace and a nod, cant hold onto what happens then. That would seem rude. Thank you!!

  3. You're so right and you're right on and I don't worry about that other person they only only reason he would want to back in my life would be because of money that's all he wants is money

  4. Thank you again for an inspiring reading. I feel lifted after your readings and always look forward to them. I also look forward to meeting this man who could be really good for me and who understands me, that's lovely 🙂 Happy Birthday for the 18th April, I hope you have a wonderful day xx

  5. Wow! That was so spot on!! I wish you knew how good of a reader/intuitive you really are! U don’t give yourself enough credit for how gifted you are! Scary how accurate this is. Thank you!!!! I really love and appreciate your energy! 🙏🏽

  6. 100% lady)))))). The person that has adoring sentiments is my grandson. Your OCD is in your line of career and business just as mine is and since my line of business relies greatly up on my image it tends to trickle over into my own image and repartition.Well! Once again and as always you are an amazon reader. I do look foreword to hearing from you and is astonished every time.

  7. This reading resonates very strongly – thank you – past, present and certainly the future. This message of 'be careful' at this time with someone who is business related is loud and clear and is aligning with my thoughts about my hesitation about an alliance. I will step back a little and observe. Thanks again and blessings.